Negative Chains and Positive Free

negative-feelingsIt is a hard job cultivating and maintain negative feelings, constantly dwelling on everything that’s wrong holding onto feelings and memories of events long past, fuming over hurt caused by failed relationships and people who have wronged you. As time passes you sink deeper and deeper into a bitter state of existence. This beautiful life becomes a burden every aspect of it are scorched by the flames of negativity of which you can’t escape. You remain trapped by the past and pain, trapped by fear shackled by your own self.

You exist in a life imprisoned by negativity but you want to be free. The chains that have you bound are there by your design, if you want to be free all you have to do is let go, break the chains of negativity, free yourself from the guilt and pain of the past.

You must understand that in life bad things happen, problems are unbiased, it is not just you, things happen, but you move on; you have to move on and leave them behind.

Go on be free, feel the light see the beauty of life again. See the good the positive, change your mind and heart to place of peace love and positivity.  Meet and greet life with openness, love and a positive mind, face what ever come with the same; and see your life change, see life bring the good you so desperately seek.