Live Life and Play

playWe all at sometime or the other grow up and for most, life a cycle of eat, sleep and work and worry; always ruining always going. We be come consume with the lives that are void of living, we get so stress on the problems we create, problems that at most times are not as serious and not as big as we believe. We have forgotten or never knew the meaning of living; and by the time we  find out, it’s too late.

Life and Living

Life is for the living and for living.  Life the gift the miracle, are limited days, weeks, years, it is an unknown number counting down, backwards to zero, to the end. This is why we should never take life for-granted, never wasting or allowing anyone to waste your precious seconds. Cherish, relish and embrace every breath till the very last, make them mean something, make them memorable. Enjoy life.


Remember when you played? Remember when you laughed, when it seemed all was right with the world and the fun would never end?  You created that feeling  then and you can have it again. Find the time, make the time to play, and when you play, play hard.  Making time to play and enjoy life and all life has to offer adds to life, it is one of the spices of life; it keeps us youthful, it adds years to life, play time can only make life better. Ever so often play, do the things that recreate that child-happy feeling. Do the things that exhilarate. Do the things that create the feeling of unearthly ecstasy that burrow through, and reaches deep inside of you.