Keep Smiling

Like the embracing warmth of the rising sun after a long cold dark night, like its brilliance after a the rain, so is a warm genuine smile to life. Light as air, warm and illuminating, emanating love, calming, inviting and welcoming to all who see it.

A smile at times is all you have to give them. Sometimes a smile is all they need.  It can pierce the heart that is cold frozen and armor-clad. It is a gift that gives and gives back more. A smile given and a smile received can make anyone’s day so much more brighter and better.

The parting lips and curl of a genuine smile makes friends, it can bring people together. It can change a mood of tension in to a light, free and pleasant air. Nothing compares to the beauty of the faces of happy smiling people.  The smile on the face of the light and love of your life is absolutely priceless.

A smile generates and grows from a charge of wonderful emotions and radiates, illuminating the face with a beautiful glow. A smile is beautiful, and you are beautiful so keep smiling.