Are We Coming or Going?

coming orWe tend to look back with eyes covered with eyes covered with rose-colored glasses. We see it not as we were but as we choose, a glance in the past part memory mostly fantasy; we see a time when things were better happier, and people were more caring more loving. Such a lie.

The past is filled with hate, pain, anger and ignorance. We’ve come a long way, and we have so much further to go, and we can and will get there. When those that care, those that dream and know that there has to be something better that this present. When they in unity march forward and push and break though every obstacle that dares to stand in their way. When they decide that they will stop at nothing to bring peace, to bring joy and love to this world.  When they decide that better must be, we will get there.

The pages of the future are blank it is us that write the stories,  we are the architects; we will build and shape the reality the world we want, we can make it as grand and as great as we want it to be.