How Did We Get Here?

red earthThis is not what was expected. This is not the dream of our fore-parents, it is not even our own dream. They never wanted, we never wanted or expected it to turn out this way. When we seem to have the same dream of what life is to be how did we end up here?

How did we technologically advance only to morally stagnate or regress;  When with technology we were supposed to grow as one world, and grow closer together. It is as if the more knowledge we gain the more detach we are from one another. It is as if we are forgetting how to live and love and relate with each other, we are forgetting what it means to be human.

We are supposed to be a world that has forgotten how to hate and hurt, the world that has left violence and savagery behind.  The dream was and still remain one of a world of universal prosperity, a world of thinkers that push and propels all humanity to greatness and greater heights,  rich in arts and cultures and exceedingly rich in love. A world of growth and of all things great.

There was a time we cared more for one another, we lived more, we loved more, we give more.  We’ve moved away from our duty of family and of love. We were suppose to move forward, but we’ve gone sideways sliding into hate, selfishness and indulging in inhumane and heartless actions. We have become insensitive to the pain and troubles of those we share this world with. Where are we going?

There is no way we can go on like this and expect to survive. We can do better, we must do better.


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