Where Are We Going?

earthThousands of years of living in what we call civilization. Thousands of years of uninterrupted war in one region or another against one set of people or another.  Generation after generation the war goes on. We always choose to fight first; fighting under the banner of patriotism, we create, arm and clothe murders and reward them for the blood they’ve shed, with not a care for the victims, the broken bones and body or the broken homes and families left behind. Civilize we boast, but how civilized are we if we can’t create peace?

Human kind, humanity or by what ever name we pride ourselves with, we claim ourselves the higher species on the planet. Most intelligent we think ourselves yet we have slaughter and continue to slaughter millions more for God, king, queen, country and a host of other nonsensical reasons. With our  so-called superior intelligence we rape and plunder this planet, our home, in this we have manage too negatively influence the climate to our peril. We pollute the air we need to breathe, we poison the water we drink  with seemingly no regard to our own lives or the lives of generations to come. So smart still we can’t comprehend that there is one earth, one human species and that we’re all in this together, we don’t see we could do better if we work together.

And so we drift, a civilization, a collection of societies of nations working together against each other. Every country, every human for themselves, with desire for power and greed by any means. We are all running, meandering into no one know where.


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