The Devil Made Me Do It

the devilEverything that is wrong with the world, all of our calamities, all that is wrong with us and all our wrong doings we blame on an entity called the devil.

Now some say and believe there is this very powerful being called the devil that responsible for all that is wrong, the origins of all evil. Some say this being has never existed at all.

Perhaps both are right, perhaps he exist and he doesn’t; he doesn’t because he has never been seen and there is no evidence; and he exist because we believe he does.  Whether we believe in an evil forming entity or not evil prevails. Evil is alive and thrives in every corner of this world.  Not a minute, an hour, or second goes by when the hand of evil stays idle, it  never ceases its work, nor does it slumber.

Evil exists because we do, it is a part of us and a part of reality. Within all of us both good and evil resides. They both whisper in our ear in an effort to influence our actions; and that’s all they can ever do. It all comes down to us and what we choose to act on. We decide and we alone are responsible for our own actions.

Evil exist, it’s a part of a balance, a part of us and is always with us. We may not be able to remove the evil from this world or ourselves, but we can ignore its attempts to influence us, refuse to answer its call. We are in control, we have the power of choice.

If the devil exist, he exist within all of us, he is a part of us he lives and becomes us and we become him when we choose to listen to the voice of evil.  We become the devil and the devil becomes stronger when we knowingly do wrong and ignore the voice of good and the voice of our conscience.


Your Thoughts/Your Answers

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