All That is Hidden, The Heart Revealed

true heart.jpgWhen the allure of beauty, charm, and the façade you show to the world all fades or become commonplace in the lives of those around you, what will remain is you, the true you bare and naked for all to see.  Then they will really know you, what and who you truly are, the ugly you try so hard to hide; or the beauty that goes all the way through will all be exposed.

They will know you by how you live your life and your actions. How you treat them and how you treat others will live in memory, and will be relived by mention or mere thought of you; they will remember how you made them feel. The will see you by your reaction to life’s challenges when faced with your own situations and those of friends, acquaintances and strangers; will you help those in need, sit on the sidelines and watch or turn and walk away. You will say a lot by your views on life and society by your thought processes when your thoughts are made known, by you. Your every utterance, the words that escape you lips will resonate and reverberate in their hearts and minds even when you are not there.

Ugliness and beauty, the kind the eyes can’t see, the kind that matters most, the kind that help to define you as person resides in the heart. When you can no longer dazzle with your looks or your lies, when they can see pass what meets the eyes, what they will see, what will remain is your heart and what comes from inside. By what’s in your heart they will know you and judge you accordingly.


Your Thoughts/Your Answers

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