They Came Christ And Angels Among Us

they cameHe came, they were here, but you nerve knew them. We never saw their divine energy, perhaps we chose not see.  They had a message but we chose not to listen. We only see the messenger, we scrutinize to find faults, not liking the package we turn away, we close off our minds and ourselves. Message not received.  The word of love came to life, to walk among us, to lead, to leave a path for us to follow. Flesh became a beacon burning impossibly and blindly bright, a light of life leading, lighting the way.

They arrived here in images of almost perfection. We fell in love with them, their good illuminate the bad in us, and our love turn to fear, to hate and then rejection. The wrong in us turned against them, we then  plotted, we schemed, set traps and waited; we applauded and congratulated ourselves when they fell.  They came here  on a mission to help, to heal, to save;  and we picked them apart using any means necessary to tear down and crucify them.  Angels they came, Christ personified we didn’t care, we turn them away. They hurt, they cry; they convulse from the pain we inflict but they never waver in their works, even though it’s killing them, even though every part of them is breaking.

They came in flesh, good and Christ like, angels among us. We had them, love and light workers to show us, to teach us, to guide us. They came to us, they were one of us, only to be used and crushed by us.


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