Be Like A Child

be like a childTo find god, to understand the mysteries of life the universe and reality, we must be like children. Being like a child doesn’t mean being childish.  It means regaining  and retaining the wonder and openness of a child.  Being open and willing to believe; to believe that all things imaginable are possible.  It is to know that there are such things as miracles.  Being receptive with an open heart, mind and spirit that is curious and anxious for answers and truth. To be willing to accept the possibility of there being something greater than us.

To be like a child, with a mind free and unblemished by negativity.  Not knowing limits, not placing them on yourself or your dreams. To possess a natural innocent love. To give love that is without conditions, without agendas. To possess a heart that is pure and free from hate.

To find what we are searching for we must be willing to see and believe what others can’t.


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