In A Heart

in a heart

Inside A Heart

In a heart you’ll find pure and true love and all its associates, like compassion and forgiveness. A heart is willing to believe blindly in magic and wonderous things and fantasy; it sees the beauty in everything. It believes in chances, first and second and in words and sincerity; a heart speaks truth and it speaks sincerely, free from treachery.  It is giving and it gives it’s all. It gives itself. It is the bearer of burdens and it will bend and break before it even thinks of giving it back to you. It cries, it bleeds and it will never let you see.

A Sick Heart

A heart of hate and its offspring, is a heart that is a that is unwell. It is a heart that is dying, slowly putrefying. Infected by hate and ravaged by bitterness, everything that comes from it is pestilential its only objective is destruction.  In the end it destroys its host and itself.

A good heart is a healthy heart is love and all about  love. L.O.V.E.


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