The Curse The Cure

cureThe Curse

Humans are a danger themselves and the survival of the species and the survival of all the creatures that share this planet. Since we arrived we have left disease and destruction where ever we’ve been. We killed entire species for food and for no reason. We have turned and continue to turn against ourselves because of race, in the name of greed, to own things we couldn’t possibly own. We’ve produce weapons and continuously improve on them to kill, to wage worthless wars of no value, we kill for the sake of loving gods, we spread seeds of hate. In armies we march onward to our own doom.

The Cure

We are the disease, we are also the cure. In humanity there is always hope. Within us all there is a heart and in it lives love, and silently love grows all across the world in the hearts of all of us;  and at sometime love will takeover.  Love will win the war it will produce the cure.  Love will become us and we will help and not hurt each other.  In that time we shall save ourselves.


Your Thoughts/Your Answers

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