Forgiveness Is For You, Forgiveness Is Freedom

freedomWhether or not you forgive the person who has wronged you, their life continues without a care or a second thought of you. Forgiveness is not for the one who harmed you, it is for you. Forgiveness is your key to freedom, liberating yourself from the bondage you have allowed yourself to be placed in by you holding on to the hurt, and the memory of the damage caused by someone. Your lust for revenge disturbs and disrupts the healing process and the wound lies open and it festers. It festers inside with every thought of them or of what they have done; because of this, they own you and perpetuate their assault on you, but only because you allow it. You want to be free, you want to heal but you won’t let go, you tighten your hold on it, it tightens its grip on you. Inside you simmer silently cooking hate and anger making you bitter.  You give so much of yourself, and use so much energy to hold on to the memory and the pain and it is killing you.

If those wounds are to heal, if the bond is to be broken there must be forgiveness. It is up to you to free yourself, from the prison you have built all on your own. It is not hard to do. All you have to do is decide that you will no longer be held captured by the past, you will no longer allow the need for vengeance to live inside of you. Decide you won’t allow the work of wicked persons to control or own even a fraction of your life. You most come to the decision that it is not worth it to be vengeful, that you are so much better than that. Decide to simple let go. Then, let go.





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