To Be Ordinary To Be Normal


The Ordinary The Norm

Normal is to be just another, to be ordinary; with no distinction. You see one you see all.

To be part of the crowd marching to the same beat is the ultimate aspiration of many; and so they fall in line and do as the crowd do, they mirror and mimic each other, becoming a single animal of society; an almost complete merging of minds into one thinking. The ordinary keeps his/her head up just enough to breathe, keeping eyes and actions on whatever it take to keep in line and stay in time with the beat of the crowd.  They live by and for the approval of the masses, ignoring their right to decide their own destiny.

To Be Ordinary

Normal is going with the flow never going out beyond where they told you shouldn’t, accepting that there are limits to life, and limits to you.  It  is so ordinary to do and think as you’re told without question. It is never having the audacity to dream, never to believe in yourself and the fact that whatever your mind can conceive can be reality. Some of the normal people are so frozen by fear, that they are trapped in their comfort zone; like a ground dove they have wings but seldom fly and never soar.  It is part of the norm to hide and nullify your uniqueness and not understand that to be different is to be extraordinary, it is never knowing the beauty of singularity, of being an individual. To be ordinary is never having your desires never achieving the dream, never having the things you want and surviving by the things you need.

To be normal, to be ordinary is to never truly live. You won’t find the meaning, you won’t find what you have searched for being on the ordinary path, everything there has been done and has been seen before. To reach great heights, to achieve, to have success requires thinking and being outside and above the ordinary.


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