Love Yourself

self loveLove yourself, before you try to love anyone, before you can truly love anyone you must first love yourself.

If you love yourself you won’t hurt yourself or abuse yourself with drugs or food or anything that can destroy your body and mind.  You would see yourself as priceless and irreplaceable and nothing and no one could make you deviate from that. You won’t put up with anyone who is abusive, who lie, those who feed off you, or anyone who doesn’t have your best interest at heart.  You will not allow people to come in to your life and sap your energy, you won’t allow other to bring negative energy into your life and disrupt your balance.

When you love yourself you value, respect and protect yourself and your life, you don’t take unnecessary risk. You know yourself you listen to your body, you care protect and nurture it. You see its power its beauty and you honor it, with the best of what it needs.

When you love yourself you take time only for you; to be alone, time to reflect and recharge the inner you, you bathe it like you would the outer, taking time to clean away the dirt and sweat of a day. You take time to relax, releasing the tight grip on reality for a moment, letting go and allow yourself to breathe. let you body and mind de-stress.

When you love yourself, nothing is too good for you. You know you deserve better, you know you deserve the best.  You strive for the best and accept nothing less.  You do good things for yourself, you treat yourself. When you love yourself you make yourself happy.


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