A Path To A Heart

A path to a heartFill theirs ears with words of love, write beautiful lines of truth and sincerity and compliments to their heart. Fill their eyes of the world and the eyes of their mind with visions of desire want and need; of yours and theirs equally satisfied. Share dreams and design a planed destiny. Change their world from arid deserts to fields of flowers in bloom. Make a sunrise beautiful, give each day meaning, make each day a reason to smile. Make memories and magical moments, adventure, surprise and something new.

Be A Part Of Them

Be a part of them, make them a part of you, hearts and minds mesh and merge to form one beating dancing in harmony. Be their dream, awake or asleep, their night and day their want and their need. Be the one who can conjure intense blissful emotions, the one who takes them to the outer edges of ecstasy. The one they will want to journey thought life and beyond and never look back.


Give when they want and when there is need, give out of love. Lay down your armor, your weapon, your shield; your defenses and trust them completely. Lay down with passion with lust lay down in love with them solely. Light the way to you, to your inner recesses, in to  your sacred soul. Give and never stop giving. Give them your heart and if they are worthy their heart will be yours.






Your Thoughts/Your Answers

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