Tears, We Cry

cryingDon’t hold it in and don’t fight let it flow let the tears flow like rain let them wash away the pain the hurt the past let ease the pressures of this world. Cry if so moved, to express joy.

When We cry

Some see crying as a problem a weakness, a softness, they could be wrong, it could very well be strength, and a way of preserving our sanity, maybe a kind of internal rest button. So when the pressure is too great, the pain is too much this world has gotten too close and emotions are running high, running way pass over load all that internal pressure explodes and expresses itself in tiny quiet tear drops; we cry. We cry when we are happy, tears flow when we are in love, and in the transcendence of religious and sensual ecstasy.

If You need To Cry

If you need to cry it’s OK, it’s good. Go on and cry with no restrain, let it go. Let the emotions freely flow, let it be; let yourself, your complete being be in the moment as it needs to be. In this moment, your mind and your body equalize in a need to express, to release; cry and feel it leave. Crying is a part of getting over and getting past issues and difficult conditions and periods in life, crying is a part of the healing process. Cry if you need to, cry if helps, cry and be healed but don’t cry forever.




Your Thoughts/Your Answers

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