Listen Really Listen

listening-earFor all who can hear it is import to learn how to listen. For most who can hear, we do it very well, but really to listen is another thing; that we don’t do so well. We all think we listen, and that we are great listeners, truth be told we are not.

Our Ears Choose To Hear

Our brains constantly scan and monitor our environment.  It edits out what it doesn’t consider to be important and submits and processes what it determine to be relevant and important.  The ears are continuously receiving information all at once; take  a minute to listen to sounds, all that you can hear around you right now, if you really listen you would hear all the sounds you were ignoring, or rather those sounds your brain were filtering out.  Or think about being on a street, think about all the sounds you would hear, now imaging you having a conversation on that same street; your brain automatically deemed the conversation to be more important and so it filters all the other unimportant stuff.


When you choose to listen it is important that we override the natural processes of filtering and concentrate on everything that is said. You need to consider all that you hear to be of importance. It is important to listen to the tone and changes in pitch of what is said. Listen to the context of what is said. Also of importance is what’s not said, when you listen, listen to what is not being said it is as important as what is being said.




Your Thoughts/Your Answers

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