Times of Love

times of loveAll your efforts, all you’ve tried, and you tried so hard, yet all in-vain it still won’t work. How sad, how strange; how could it be that a love which was once there secure and certain is now fighting, wanting to leave. Don’t hold on, can’t hold on, there is nothing and there is no more you can do but watch sad and helpless as the co-creator of memories and special times and special feeling leave.

Now you are alone, now you grieve, for what once was, for the dreams that could have been, for what now could never be, not anymore. It’s not easy to move on from, when there was an us”, when you said “we” now there is just one, just a “me.”  You go on, you breathe, ever so slight, even just barely, but time and your resilience will take care of things, you will heal.

You are now single, you are not alone, not lonely. Single means you are free. You don’t need and never need anyone to make you happy. Rediscover yourself, you are not the say old same old, not the you, you use to be. Re-calibrate, get acquainted with changes the new you. Smile with life; live, really live and enjoy life. Give love freely as it was meant to be. Be open, be ready to receive love when love returns with a new face, be ready for love’s new experiences, for the new memories.


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