hate hate

Hate is the enemy of life and love. It appears to only or mostly dwell in the hearts of people. Its only purpose is to destroy and cause chaos, it doesn’t build, it doesn’t care, it doesn’t appreciate diversity or beauty.  It is more vicious and vile than any disease or anything catastrophic. It destroys everything it comes in to contact with including its host.

Those who cultivate hate in their hearts are slowly consumed by it until there is nothing left but a shell of bitterness. The heart filled with hate poisons the entire body, all that negative thought and emotional energy plows through every part of the body creating the perfect condition for disease and system failure. They rot from the inside slowly and completely.

As this world advances there is becoming less space in this world and the future of it for hate. For us to reach our designed destiny of harmony and a united human-race we must purge hate from our hearts and from this world.

The only thing that can smother and remove hate is love. Hate can do nothing to love, in the presence of love hate is quieted and is chasten. We must choose love and choose to love, let it work its magic and cleanse our hearts and in-turn this world of hate.

Choose love, let love forever reign.


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