A Hope And A Dream

dream futureWith all that is said of impending doom of the planet and humankind, it may seem that there is no hope at all.  We choose to see and highlight the negative, when there is so much positive happening, so much good in us. There is hope, there is every bit of a chance of fulfilling the ultimate dream of humanity, of a better world. I see more than a hope, I believe, I know we can do better, our chances of realizing the dream of a real and truly advance civilization is all possible.

At no other time in history have we stood at a point like this; a time and a point where we can use our will and our centuries of acquired knowledge to direct humanities destiny, we can guide the hand of our own evolution and determinate and bring-forth the future the us we want. A future of a united human civilization with no hunger, no poverty, no crime. A future of all humankind living in harmony. I see a time where and when our weapons only fight death and disease, when we work together for the good and the advancement of all humanity, we will spread far out among and beyond the stars. I see us so advance technologically and achieving things far beyond anything we can  presently dream.

Where we are now is not the end , but the beginning, we humans are still in our infancy and like infants we will make a mess of things, we will stumble, we will make many mistakes; but we will learn.  We must first crawl before we can walk, then we will run and we will never stop.





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