Sweet Revenge

revengeIf you are contemplating revenge, may I suggest that you do nothing to hurt, that  you do no harm; I suggest that you do nothing against the person who has wronged you at all.  Suspend all thoughts of ill will, separate yourself from bitterness and the urge to retaliate, these only serve sustain the pain and deepen the wounds. Heal your of wounds by channeling all energies into thoughts and actions that will serve to make you better and stronger.

Whatever you do, do to yourself, do whatever is positive to spark change and bring about growth and evolution in your life and in yourself. Let whatever happened be yet another one of life’s lessons. There is no time to waste fighting useless battles, plotting and carrying out acts of vengeance for a moments pleasure, that do nothing to heal the wounds.

If there is to be revenge let it be of benefit to you, let it mean something, let your act of vengeance show that inspire of all that has happened you can not be held down; that you are still here and remain an unstoppable force that is bigger and stronger than any obstacle or any act of malice that can be formed against you.

Let your success, your resilience, your tenacity, your mercy enact your revenge.


Your Thoughts/Your Answers

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