Sorry, So Simple, Yet Seems So Hard And Sometime So Little

sorryIt takes a real man, a real woman, and a true human to say “I am sorry.”  A little word with plenty of meaning to someone who feels they have been wronged or hurt,  Sorry is sometimes all that is needed to cool the heat of anger, mend a broken friendship or repair a relationship in crisis.

Sorry, an apology. Sorry, so simple, yet so hard for some to say; but we all make mistakes, we hurt each other intentionally or unintentionally. Then we regret and when we do we should apologize. We should with remorse and sincerity say sorry.  If you are a good person, of a good heart, if they mean something to you, say you are sorry.

We should stop and think, and think twice before we act, before we speak. before we cause someone to hurt; because sometimes no matter how much remorse you have, no matter how sincere you are, sorry can mean so little to the wounded. Things done can not be undone, words spoken can not be unspoken; we can not reverse the hurt or take back the pain we have given someone. Sometimes sorry is not enough, and you will have to live with that.




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