rippleThrow a pebble in to a pond or pool of water and watch as the pebble enters the water it causes the ripples to radiate across the surface from the point of impact.  Watch as the ripples interact with other objects and create other ripples observe as the process continues long after the pebble has settled. Like the pebble so are our lives. We all have an effect on the world and possibly the universe by us being here.

All that we do, our every action, cause other actions affecting our own lives and the lives of others in way both good or bad.  Unlike the pond your waves are not limited. and so the ripple can travel on without stopping.

Every thought generates waves that resonate, influencing our actions quietly working under the surface steadily carving and shaping out our lives in ways we want if we are conscious and in ways we don’t if we are not.

Be careful of the ripples you create.








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