If I Could Tell The World How To Live

the worldI would tell them that it is not OK to hate or hurt. I would tell them that it is not OK it is not right to follow those who advocate war, greed and hate.  I would say to them religious leaders and teachings which speak of a god of love and preach the contrary is so wrong.

If I could speak to into every ear in this world I would whisper and say that we could be better if we could see the value in every life. If through all our eyes we could see each other as a brother, a sister, a father, a mother, if we could see ourselves. If we could see with the eyes of love, and see without wondering and not trying to understand but with an opened mind and heart accept and embrace each other. If we choose to raise our minds our hearts and our hands in love and do no harm, then we would have done something great,  only then will we be truly evolved and civilized. We would be OK.


Your Thoughts/Your Answers

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