Red Flags

Life though wonderful, though beautiful is filled with dangers.  Where there are dangers there are red flags.  Life gives us warnings, it tells us where we shouldn’t dare go.  Still we fools rush in, we go anyway.  Maybe we like the danger, maybe we like the hurt.

there are always red flags, we make the choice not to see them, we put our heads in the sand not wanting to see the truth.  There are always red flags in life, we are born with the ability to see trouble or the potential for trouble, but we ignore the warnings,  rationalize and make excuses for them just so we can have that source of problems in our lives, we convince ourselves we can control or change them.  When it all goes to hell we say we didn’t know. Then we have to deal with what ever repercussion, when we saw the red flags, we were well forewarned.

We see trouble, we see the red coming from afar, and still with a smile and open arms we welcome them in. We flirt and dance with the danger and expect not to get hurt. If something don’t seem right if it doesn’t feel right, then something is defiantly wrong.  Your gut feeling is intelligence, it is a sense that is constantly ignored, but it is there to warn us we are heading in to danger.  Some times the heart gets it wrong, the heart works with emotions and emotions can change reality in to a perception of what the heart wants to see. Sometimes you have to ignore the heart and go with your brain, with logic. If it doesn’t look right, if it doesn’t make sense, regardless of explanation it is not right.

At no time should we invite problems in our lives, we lose all rights to complain when we do, and we deserve exactly what we get.  When we avoid warnings we pay the price.


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