Shine On

shine onYou are the one,  you are it; you need not look or search any further, you are the impossible, the definitely possible.  You are the miracle, the light, the solution the world has been in search of and has never seen, and will never see ever again. They will never be another quite like you.

The world, the universe sits and wait, in wonder, watching and waiting for you to unfold. No ones know what greatness abound within you and so they wait. They wait for you to shine.

You are of the dust of the universe, its power, its magic is wrapped up in you, you can wield it at any time and anyway you like. This life, this time is yours.  Then who or what can stop you?  Who or What can stand in the way of your chosen destination?  No one  can’t stop you. 

When they come, when problems arise;  when they try to stand in your way, be the resounding yes to their no.  When all hope seems to be slipping, when it all goes dark, this is the time you shine.  Like a beacon burning bright in the darkest night, shine. When the storms come, in the strongest wind the heaviest rain, never flickering or fading, shine.  Shine and light up this world, shine let them know you are here, and you are here to stay.

 Shine On !


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