It is a place it is a time when all is right and all that has to be done is done, a time of everything being equal and all is perfect; its that bright light just ahead, in the distance the time we’ve been waiting for. It is tomorrow; but tomorrow never ever comes, it is always a day away, we are always going and we never get there.

It’s what we do, we put off what we have to do, what we could do now until a time that is named but is indefinite and undefined. We do this out of laziness, and because we think we have all the time in the world.

To think of all the times I put off things until another time, not realizing the right time was now, at that moment. And so I never got to them, or I missed a golden opportunity; then it’s too late.

We all need to get into the habit of valuing time and appreciating the time we have, like we value money, like we value life, and using every second to our advantage.

Tomorrow is not promised or owed; do it now, do all you can, how little or how much you can do. The present, right now, is the perfect time to do what you have to, to make a start.  Now, is the start of the journey to success, it is all we truly have.

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