flyYou are boxed in by society’s expectation, by fears and self-doubt.  Like a caged bird you never leaned to fly; this life, this existence, this cage is all you know, this is your normal.  You resign your life to this so-called normal, to this life of treadmill routine and living up to exceptions.

There is more to life, there is more to the world, than this cage.

The doors of life, of opportunity, of all possibility, though closed is never locked. Right on the other side of that door there is the life you desire; all you have to do is open it, have faith in yourself, spread your wings and fly.

Fly higher than what is expected of you, what they said, and what you thought was your limits.  Fly high and out of sight of doubt, fear and hate, glide on the winds of change, on dreams on the promises of better and brighter. Fly to where there are no limits, Fly with a free and open mind.

Fly, soar to your chosen destiny, to your success.



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