Life’s A Bitch, If That’s What You Make It

Life's aLife’s A Bitch, that’s what they say and in a ways and at times this seems to be true.  Life can beat us down without mercy, without regards to class color or creed.  Life punishes us without reason whether we deserve it or not.  We can beg plead and ask why all we want no matter how much it hurts, how much we complain, it won’t stop.  Everywhere you turn doors are slammed shut in your face, as soon as you take a step forward you get kicked hard one two, three steps back.  When you think you are going up, you are really slipping down.  And it wont stop.  You put your faith in people and things only to be let down, and hurt.  When you are most in need all disappoint and desert you.  And it only gets harder.

It will only get harder and harder, but only if we let it.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  What our live have become, is the result of the choices we have made, we are the primary guiding and controlling forces in our own lives; it is us that create the haven or hell we are living.  Life is what we make it, we are alive and conscious, life can be all we want it to be, things can change, our live can go in any direction we want, if we don’t like how things are the way it is going, we simply have to change it.  All we need to do is decide, and make the right choices, do whatever is necessary to turn things around and make life the way we want it, what we want it to be. Happiness and prosperity is a choice, we only have to choose.

If we say life is a bitch it is so because we made it so. We create our own monster in the dark that scare hurt and haunt us.


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