Bad Times Will Come

tornado 6Bad time are unavoidable, you can’t get away from that fact;in life there will be tough times.  One moment you are flying high, you’re on top of the world, the next you are falling fast and hard and everything is going out of control.  That’s the way it goes sometimes.  Life doesn’t always go according to your plans.  Even with the best of planning, problem and minor speed bumps may, rather will arise.  People and things and situations don’t always jell or harmonize with you or your plans, but then that’s not their job.  Things go wrong, things always go wrong;  it is your job to make them go right, to make it work.

When They Come, You Make Them go

When the bad times come, and they will, hold strong to your promise, to your dream, hold strong too your faith, to your faith in self.  Keep working, keep going.  It is up to you, to right the wrongs and make it work.  It is up to you to bring the good times back; and you can do it.

Your Thoughts/Your Answers

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