promiseSome say a promise is a comfort to a fool; I think they may have a point.  I too have been victim to pretenses and an immeasurable number of broken promises.  We have all made promises or have been promised, some kept some broken.  Sometimes promises are broken because of circumstances beyond our control, this can happen. Some promises are intentionally broken because he or she never intended to keep their promise and were only out to deceive.  I still believe in people and take them at their word even though I have been far too many times let down, even when my gut tells me I will be let down.

You And Your Promises

A promise is something sacred.  When you make a promise to someone they are taking you into their confidence, they are trusting you, they are depending on you.  When you make a promise to someone you are taking their hope and maybe even their pride in your hands, they have surrendered to you. When you let them down, you have dashed away their hopes and expectations, you have disregarded them and what they maybe going through.

A promise is a bond, when you break that bond, people will lose respect for you, you cannot be trusted at your word.

I believe that if you give your word you should always do all you can to keep it. I always try to keep my promises.

You should keep your promises.

Remember people take comfort in your words, they expect you will do what you said you would. 

The Most Important Promises

I think the most important promises we make and should never break are the ones we make to ourselves. We often make promises to ourselves, we say this and we say that, what we will do, and what we would never do or do again.  But when we are faced with situations that brings our resolution into question, we forget our vows, we betray our words and ourselves.  It’s a sad thing when we betray ourselves, the one person that we should be able to count on, and know will never fail us is ourselves.

If we can’t keep our promises to ourselves, who can we keep promises to?


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