fallingSo you’ve decided to make a change and as you do things start to go wrong, thing go out of control; everything become unhinged and things fall apart, and then you are falling. Some days you don’t even know if you are coming or going or even if you are standing still, and this unwanted turn of events can be very unnerving.  You must understand that change can be an unpleasant and chaotic process, and you must see it through; remember the pain the discomfort won’t last, but it must be borne, it’s the price you pay for the thing you desire, for the change you want and need.

If  you are fighting and no matter how hard you fight you continue to fall; let it happen; fall. Sometimes you have to go with it, and just fall.  The fight may not be with the falling, it maybe necessary for you to fall for you to accomplish what you have to, the fall may be part of the change. The process of rebuilding or building something new may require the destruction of the old, thus the falling.

Everyone finds themselves falling sometime in life sooner or later, it is a part of living a part of learning. The thing is to never quit, never stay down, you get up you take what have learned and go again, and you keep going.


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