Don’t Give Up On You

Don’t harbor ill feelings towards yourself, the world is a hard place as it is, don’t make it worse punishing yourself; yes you have faults and you’ve made mistakes, some can be corrected maybe others can’t, but let it go. 

Don’t allow negative thoughts to take over, they will sabotage your every move and success will be forever elusive; negativity will poison your soul if you entertain it, if you feed it.

Life is unpredictable and short don’t waste another moment on what was what could have been; don’t let one day or moment ruin a whole life, remember there is more to come and it will be better.

Don’t say it’s over, don’t say it is the end or that you have failed.  If you do, if you believe it then it will be.

Be wary, and be vigilant of the things you say, of what you think, and your actions. It is you and the mind-set you carry, that create your reality.

Don’t Give Up On You

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