Achilles heel

I have an Achilles heel, or two or maybe three, and so do you , and so does everyone else.  We all have that one weakness that is seemly insignificant but can cripple our development and harper our chances of success, they can stall or lives; these minor faults that live with us and within us that can possibly ruin our lives if not kept in check.

An Achilles heel can be anything our emotions, our habits the things we think we can’t do without, our vices.  They reside right there at surface well hidden in plain sight, our soft spot expose for all the world to see and manipulate; but they rarely do because we already do a fine job of it ourselves.


We make time, we spend money and time to keep these vices in our lives. If not kept in line these vices can drive us and consume us. We don’t have to remove them, We might not want too; but we must be vigilant and maintain the line of control, it is us over them and not the other way around.  Always maintain the balance of power, never let it get out of hand.

Our vices are strong, we are bounded to them in a love hate relationship.  We love our vices because they provide pleasure, we can turn to them when we have nowhere else to turn too, to numb to pacify.  They are there to provide comfort we usually have a low-level of dependency on them.  We hate our vices because of the potential for danger, we know if we go too far, get too deep, we will lose all control, and it will all go to bits.


Our emotions can be even more devilish, they can affect us to the core, straight to the bones. We all know how hijacking and blinding emotions can be.  Anger, love or the lost of love, and jealousy can whip and rule us;  it is hard to shake emotions since they emanate from the soul, but it is not impossible it can be done with much effort, force, focus and the will to get past and over the cause.

If we ever lose control, it will be hard to rein it back in again and our vices and emotions will become a controlling dominant force, there will be no room for anything else, they will leach all they can from us without mercy. They won’t stop, and they won’t go away, and will find ourselves compelled  to find way to feed them.


Your Thoughts/Your Answers

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