Leave, Run, Run Hard

There is a time for everything. Now is the time to get a move on, leaving these bad times; these times of boredom, the inertia.  Leave the incomplete and unsatisfying state of affairs. Yes, it is time to move on and no looking back not even in memory; these times of nothingness don’t deserve to reside in anyone’s memory.  For this is a time we are nothing, without purpose without direction we have nothing. We are all more like an organic soup where life can spring and grow and multiply, but we refuse to let it, rather we use time and spend valuable energy focusing on nothing worth do or even mentioning.

Baby steps, it takes baby steps at first to get going; but at lest we will be in motion. You’ve got life, you are alive, there is nothing greater, where there is life all possibilities abound.  But we remain stationary, calcified through a false impression of comfort and marginal happiness and a fear of fear.  We should be running leaving the past, the defeat, insurmountable mountains and the naysayers in the distance; running, running hard without fear or trepidation. Running straight into the unknown, into what could be, into the future armed with ideas, vision and belief in oneself.

In leaving, by moving, we lose nothing but have everything to gain. The road is never-ending, with lots of twist and turns, with no stops and you can go anywhere.  There is so much to do so much to see and to live for; you can go, you could keep going your whole life and never have your fill.  You are leaving the dull, the boredom the routine the still life for excitement discovery for better for whatever you decide.

This what life is about the constant moving, the running, the constant change, life never offers a dull moment.  Moments of rest moments, to breathe, to take it all in and times to savor; but never standing still, because life always offer more, so much more.  Life never gets old and it always gets better.

So run, run hard; keep running and never look back.


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