Burn Those Bridges

Burn Baby

Some say don’t burn the bridges, because you never know, you may need to cross them again, this makes some sense, you never know what could happen.

Then again if you are so sure of yourself, sure of vision and your plan, then why not? If you have decided this is it, it will be or nothing. If you have said in your heart there is no turning back. If you have drawn that line in the sand that will later become one of the things that define you, that will for ever change your life. Then why not?

Some people need to seal all roads of retreat in-order for them to progress. Some need to know that everything is closing in on them. It is only then the genius stirs, the pressure brings about a change in them and they will shine brighter.

So go ahead set it afire, watch it burn. You don’t need it, you are not going back, you are not falling back. There is no turning back, you’ve done that already you’ve been the before. Now you are going in only one direction you are moving forward, you are going up.  Back there is the vice-grip of the past, down there is the rut. You are not going back to that. You desire driven and success bound.

So go ahead and burn those bridges


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