Faith, a word faith is a feeling; faith a necessary multipurpose instrument for life.  a life without faith is a life of fear, and failure.  There can be no gods, no winning, no success, no heroes, without faith.  Faith is necessary and needed as much as we need the air we breathe. We never give it much thought but we depend a lot on faith.  We never realize it, but we live day-to-day minute to minute on faith, whether it is in something tangible, a person, self or deity.  We have faith in the every day, the mundane things and events, You go to sleep and you expect to wake to see another day, you have faith in your job, your car and the like. We put our faith in people, we believe that they would do as they say they would, or hold true to form as we have come to know them.  We have faith in a god that he, she or it will deliver and guide protect.

Knowing Faith

We can get a better understanding of faith when we stand teetering on a precipice when every minute passes with bated breath, when we inhale with hope and exhale with a pray in earnest; or when the need arises for us to faces our fears and leap blindly and bravely into the unknown.  When we are not sure what comes or what will happen next. This is where faith comes in and when it is needed most; and it is all we’ve got to keep going.

Have Faith

First have faith in yourself above and beyond all else, all logic sagest this, after all if you can’t have faith in yourself who or what can you truly have faith in, and who in their right mind will have faith in you.  Faith is necessary for your next step and any other step after.  Faith is needed for your now, and your tomorrow, you never know what’s coming next, you never do, but you keep moving forward, with hope expecting something good will happen; that’s the measure of faith that comes naturally, we all do this.

For the seemingly insurmountable  the larger that life challenges we need a faith that is even more imposing that is bigger and brighter that the norm. We need the kind of faith in self that may go against all we have been taught, and all we have come to believe.  We need to have faith that says in us all thing are possible.  We need to know that there is no such thing as failure and it is impossible for us to fail once we’ve decided, then our will must come to pass. We must leave no room for doubt.

We may have vision and expectations, but we really don’t know what the next minute brings.  Truth is we live every minute and take every step of our lives by faith.


Your Thoughts/Your Answers

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