Read And Write To The Soul

Two lover in correspondence, he writes of his desire for her, of the want and need to possess and to be in possess by her.  He writes of his love and his love forevermore, he writes; he writes from the soul.  She reads his letters, she accepts and she believes; she is temporary pacified, by words decryption of love’s rhythm of a drumming heart, small doses of comfort, further increasing the longing and wanting, the need. A soul yearns, a soul bleeds.

Of Reading And Writing

Don’t underestimate the usefulness and power of reading and writing and what it can do for us. From the time we can remember, were always told by parents, by teachers and the many people who come into our lives for the better. We were told to read.  A lot of importance is places in the written word, it is seen as a likely truth.  People tend to believe what is written, they will refer to it in discussion and the heat of an argument.  We often can express more in the written word than the spoken and we find it easier.


To take to reading is to take ourselves to another world one that has long past or one that could be coming; it can take us to a world that has never been and could never be. Reading lets us step into the mind of another, we can walk the path of their life, traverse their memories, we can experience their pain and share in their joys; we see the world through their eyes, we live their lives and feel their energy.  Reading does this.

Reading does it so much more. Reading does things to the brain, positive things.  When we read we expand our vocabulary.  Reading expands the mind and deepens the imagination and there is no limit to how wide or deep any of the two can be.  It enhances the thinking process adding more dimensions to thinking.  Reading connects and interacts with the least understood parts of the mind; the soul. Reading seems to be able to open a path through the mind straight to the soul.


When we write we are able to express ourselves more. With our words we express our thoughts, our emotions, our beliefs, our dreams, and our passions. We give to them the ability to be understood and felt; we give to them a measure of validity, of proof. For it is written.  When we write, we write from the imagination, we speak from the soul. We share pieces of ourselves, a little bit of us flow between those words.

Why We Must Read And Write

It is important to put our dream our plans into text, it serves as a document that we can refer to, to renew our promise to self-affirm.  This document helps to keep the fire blazing.

It is important to read the text as often as necessary as often as possible.  Read it in front of a mirror read with faith, read it with conviction so that it is burnt in to your subconscious, and into your soul; making part of your programming. Making every part of you understand that what you have planed must be, and all will comply.

Your Thoughts/Your Answers

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