I Declare, I Am

Look around you in all directions see life, see it all for what it is, the confusion the treachery, potential for defeat. With all that’s going on around you. you know the truth of who you are where you are going, you have decided. Without doubt and with all certainty and conviction you declare I Am.  This is self-determination, this is when you are so sure of you are, what you are, and where you’re going you will stake your life on it. There is no turning back now, no slowing down, and no one or nothing can shake or shift you from your position or the path you are on. You are absolute in your belief in yourself; you know with all you are, that you will not fail.

I Am, A Clear Knowledge And vision Of Self

When an ordinary individual lifts their head and become self-aware and decides to raise themselves above the level of the living dead; and declares I am, and be so convinced in themselves they are willing to take on the world.  They become like a hurricane born out of hostile conditions; they be come self-driven, they move becoming stronger, unwavering, and a force that is unstoppable and ungovernable, and you dare not attempt to stand in their way.

They have visions, and thoughts gives way to desires.  Definite decision brings acute focus, all actions and energies are unified and work with the sole objective of achieving that goal; pulling all the that is necessary  together, bringing them all inline. Defeat is not recognized, stumbling blocks are nonexistent and failure ceases to be. Every negative becomes a positive, and the whole universe is in complete agreement with their plans.

I Am

I am, simple phrase carrying so much meaning, so much power. It is knowing oneself fully, being convinced of who and in who you are.  It is the beginning of self-determination and destiny to wrought a future out of the flames.  It is a god like proclamation of who you are; it is to say to life and the world, I am going nowhere and I will not be ignored, erased or removed. It is saying, this time I won’t be defeated, I will make defeat bend its knees and beg forgiveness of me. It is strength and the belief in self come what may; it can all crash to bits, all hell can break loose but you remain, standing firm, standing central churning and blazing bright and unmoved.

I Declare, I Am


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