They’re Going To Talk, They’re Going To Criticize

You do and you do, and still they criticize you and what you do.  People will always have something to say no matter what you do.  Some people do it to help, most do it to hurt.  Either way it is intended, it still hurts.

People are always going to have something to say. Consider there may be something of truth in the criticism; if there is act on it.  You have to use every opportunity to improve, let criticism be no different.  It makes no sense fighting the criticism, it will be an ongoing fight of a lifetime.  

There will always be those who are only out to hurt you; don’t even dignify their presence with your attention.  Keep going and you will soon leave them behind you.

Keep working, keep going, keep improving and growing. Silence your critics with your success.


One thought on “They’re Going To Talk, They’re Going To Criticize

  1. It can also be important where our criticism is coming from. Sometimes we hear it one way but, due to the difference of that person, we may be hearing it wrong. Criticism can be interesting when we sort it out with an open mind.

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