The Rain.

You can always see it coming from far, you can smell it in the wind, the unmistakable familiarity; it’s going to rain again. Lessons of life dictates that if it is going to rain you be prepared, you carry an umbrella. Don’t curse the rain, the rain is needed, the trees and the food we grow need it, and  we all need the rain to live and grow.  The rain brings and maintain life.   We usually run out of the rain so as not to get wet. Some people stand in the rain, they walk in the rain and let it bathe and refresh them. Sometimes people have to work in the rain to get a job done.

Life reflects nature, and sometimes there will be rain. You can’t stop the rain, you can only be prepared for it as much as you could.  Just as in nature the rain is needed to bring new life, to wash and renew and to grow.  In life we need the rain so that we may also be refreshed and so we may also grow.  So let it rain.  If we all could see the beauty and know the necessity of the rain; if we could see the usefulness of the rain, and what it does; maybe we would want to kiss the rain.

It can rain all it wants to, but the rain can not stop you.  If there is something that has to be done, you do it, don’t be bothered by the rain.  The weather of life can be unpredictable things can change without warning; you can’t afford to live life waiting for and dependent on good weather.

You see the dark low hanging clouds coming in, you know there is going to be some rain; but you smile because you know in life as in nature there will be rain, but it won’t rain forever.  After the rain the sun will shine.

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