It is not always straight forward, there isn’t always a clear decision or good choices to choose from.  When pros and cons are similar, whether attractive or unappealing  there is no clear direction; and no matter how you turn it; no matter how you try to work it out, it seem like there is no way out of your conundrum.

You still have to solve this. It won’t solve its self.  If left alone it recedes and returns, or it festers and worsen and then it explodes. It won’t go anywhere. You can’t avoid or run from your problems for too long, so don’t even try. 

So it’s better now than later when it could become more complex. Do what needs to be done it maybe hard, possibly the hardest decision you have ever had to make.  If it so unclear, so Perplexing; choose one.  Just choose one and live withe the consequences and move on without regret. Free the problem and free yourself.

There will always come a time when choices are unclear or unfavorable, but you still have to make a decision, you still have to choose.


Your Thoughts/Your Answers

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