Let Go

You smile , play it cool, while inside you are dying, and it burns it pains, but you keep living, in hope wishing, believing it will soon someday change; but doesn’t and it  never will.

You recall, how it use to be.  You bask in the glory of memories, and complain things are not what they use to be.

The reflection of the past is etch in every place you look and in everyone you see; one then another reminder of what it was like and what you use to be.

Listen, things and times change and you could and you should too.  Yet you can’t and the reason is you; you refuse to move, you remain locked in a constant vigil over a glorified or vilified past, something that is irrelevant and exist only in your mind. Or you are clinging to something that has long outlived its use and purpose or perhaps it never did and never will be of any use. Still you feed it, this parasite, in hope or out of fear.

Let go, take a deep breath, let go and walk away and never give it another thought and dare not look back.

The best is yet to come.


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