Take A Deep Breath

Breathing is one of the rhythms of life.  The breath is one of the clocks of the body keeping time with every breath, it speeds up when it has to, and slows when it needs to.  

Now take a deep breath.  There is something calming and refreshing in taking a deep breath, it is a way of steadying, rejuvenating and readjusting oneself

Pausing to take a deep breath every once in a while is good. This gives you a much-needed break; to step back from the madness, to observe, to recharge and reset yourself; to renew the promise to yourself if you need, to remember the reason. Taking time to breathe lets you reboot and return fresh, and even more determined and ready for what ever comes your way.

Take a deep breath feel the power, the life, the energy, exhale and expel the bad, the negative and go.


2 thoughts on “Take A Deep Breath

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