Focus One Of The Powers Of The Mind

Focus: to give special or all attention to……….

Focus was never easy or natural for me, my attention was always led astray by distractions, and I was always curious and so I allowed them in. I entertained their intrusion no matter how slight, and at times I still do. It is as if these intruders these obstacles to my attention, know the exact time they should make an appearance; especially when my full attention is most needed, they come exciting my curiosity, and I allow myself to be devoured by them, even with knowing the importance and necessity of being focused, I find myself going astray.  I would always find something else to do when I should be focused on my work, there seem to be always so much to do, and experience, with so little time; I constantly allow myself to be enticed and led away to nothing of worth, and to nowhere of value.

There are only distractions if you allow them in, if you fall victim to their lure. They are distraction because of you have no discipline.

Focus is one of the minds powers, with enough of it and the right mix of the other powers of the mind, along with work, it can bring dreams to reality; you can bring the change you want and need.

For there to be focus

You must know the distractions, you must control yourself and close your mind to them.  Distractions are all around you.

You must learn to turn down the volume or harness the power of your emotions. Emotions can be big distractions and can blind you to what you have to do.

You must quiet the inner voice, and all the new wild rushing thoughts that are constant, these can be major distractions.

You must close out the world, the indulgences all the things you love the things that bring enjoyment are all distractions.

Temporarily close your mind to all distractions.

Now turn all that energy in one direction like a beam of light, shine your attention on your problems and your dreams and get to work.


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