Make A Mistake

Have an idea, go for it;  make a decision, make a plan, and get started, take action.  Know that you will make mistakes, know that you will mess up.  Know that it is OK, you make a mistake and that is good, as long as don’t quit, as long as you learn from those mistakes.  You learn, you apply what you’ve learnt, you improve and you keep moving, one step, two steps closer, one step, two steps in the right direction.  Life, learning, mistakes and success are inseparable, there is no having one without the other; these roses don’t come without the thorns; but then a rose of unparalleled beauty would be worth the cut of every thorn.  Try all you like mistakes are unavoidable.  Mistakes are an indication of action you have taken, you have moved, it means change is occurring.  it means try something different.


Your Thoughts/Your Answers

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