Harnessing Emotional Energy And Making It Work For You

Our Emotions And Us

We have evolved to become for better or worse emotional beings.  We are governed by our emotions, they have an effect on every part of our lives; how we live, how we interact with each other, they affect how we perform and on the decisions we make.

Emotion are powerful they can build us up or they can bring us down; there are times the influence of emotion can bring us strength either mental or physical, it can come out of nowhere to give us that extra kick when we need it. There are those times where our emotions have gotten the best of us, and we do and say things we really shouldn’t have.  A lesson for life worth learning is one in tempering our emotions.

Emotional Energy

Harnessing the emotional energy and putting it to use comes natural, we do it without realizing it.  Our emotions show in our expression, it shows in our actions and behavior; think about it, when we are happy, when we are angry, our behavior changes. Or observe someone else and most times you can tell their emotional state.  When we use our emotional energy in this way it is purely involuntary and uncontrolled.

Harness The Power

What is needed is for us to fine tune and focus this energy in the direction it is needed.  It is quite easy with emotions like love, joy, happiness; we all work better under the influence of theses.  On the other hand, emotions like anger, sadness are difficult, they put a strain on us both mentally and physically; they can blind us make us lose our vision and focus.

It is important that we harness and use all emotional energy available.  High energy emotions like anger, happiness love and sexual energy are the strongest and the most powerful, and they are not easily controlled.

Be aware of your emotional state, the effects of the deluge of energy, focus and control it guide it into the direction it is needed.  It may be necessary shut out  the cause of the emotion which only prove to be a distraction.

The more subdued emotions like sadness are less energetic they tend to bring us down. You have to draw on energy from deeper inside to get going and keep moving. You should keep the cause of these emotions in mind as a constant reminder, as a reason why you need to keep moving.  Focus on the cause of  these emotions feed on them let them bring the drive and conjure the energy needed.


2 thoughts on “Harnessing Emotional Energy And Making It Work For You

  1. ‘The Reason My Pen Moves’

    I take overwhelming emotions and
    translate them into English.
    I let them travel from my consciousness,
    down my arm,
    and into my ink.
    I let them wander all over the page
    they are too tired to cause havoc
    any longer.

    Cody A. Conklin

    Liked by 1 person

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