Time To Awaken, You’ve Been Sleeping For Too Long

You were born a bright light a young star, you had it all, the whole of life before you, you look into forever, you  gaze unknowingly into all reality and all that could be; like a potter to a potter’s wheel and clay, your future lay before you, for you to fashioned to your liking. Your mind, and your imagination overflowed with ideas and dreams. That workshop of creation was ultra-productive and ceaseless.  Then you were told to wake up, and that is when you fell asleep.

Perhaps now is the time to reawaken the dreamer and the wild untamable dreams. To nudge the creator within out of that long slumber and let the essence of creation flow once again. Awaken you, the real you, the one they have never seen, the one you don’t even know. Awaken and cause your world to rumble and quake from the change that is about to come. 

Awaken Yourself And Awaken A New Life


Your Thoughts/Your Answers

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