What Is Negative

We Are All Negative To Positive

Our minds and our bodies, this world, the universe exist in a perfect and constant continuing battle, a competition of extremes and opposites; forever oscillation between positive and negative,  with the perfect balance never quite being forged and never will be.  A constant battle; this is the way we see it, and we all pick sides to stand on.  For most of us, we choose the positive side, and try our best to remove or beat into submission the negative side.  Most people don’t seem to realize, that negative and positive are two sides of the same. They both have their place and a role to play, they both have value, and are of use; with a fine line separating the two, one can easily be transformed into the other.

We were born into the existence of this, we are a part of it, as mush as it is a part of us and our lives and as well the universe. We are all positive and negative.


Negativity is very powerful, it is known to be dangerous, it has ruin and ended many lives and dreams.  There are those for whom negativity is made a tool that can be used for their own benefit, be it good or bad.

Our view of life, how we perceive our world have an effect on us; some see positivity everywhere and in everything, while others see negativity and they let the world control them.   We don’t get to decide what the world throws our way, however we do get to decide, how we react, we can choose to be in control of ourselves and our lives we can choose to decide the outcome.

We can turn a positive into a negative or a negative into a positive if we so desired.

Negativity is forever around us.  Negativity can be of use. We can always find something of use in something bad or in any bad situation, we can always turn a negative into a positive,  if we truly want to.

Negativity can be a stimulus, it can stimulate us to act, to be and to do better, to change.

Negativity can not hurt us if we do not allow it to.

Let the negative energy from those that try to stand in your way, from anything that rises against us, fuel us. Feel the pain, the burn of that bad moment, in the disappointment you receive, and use it, it is all energy no matter where it is coming from put it to good use.


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